Royal Receptive and Transportation, in partnership with The Street Store, participated in voluntary activities of assistance, education and access to culture to the residents of Sol Nascente, in the Federal District.

Do your part too, there is always a possibility to help those who need it.

:: 7th EDITION

The social mobilization The Street Store DF held on June 30, the 7th edition of the project in the federal capital. The venue chosen to host the event was the community of Sol Nascente, at Escola Classe 66 de Ceilândia. The action exceeded expectations, and the feedback from the target audience was very positive. There were more than 240 people attended and more than 2,000 pieces (clothes, shoes and toys) donated.


Today, The Street Store DF has helped more than 3,000 people with legal services, health, beauty, children’s recreation and food, and has collected more than 13 tons of clothing and footwear, and is supported by more than 320 volunteers. The project has adopted the insertion of cultural activities and / or education in the events.