The long awaited end of the year has come, school holidays, recess at work and now? After a busy year, stopping for a while sounds strange in our daily lives and even in our own biological clock.

But today we are here to remind you of the importance of this rest period, putting your foot on the brakes is critical to starting next year well.

Still not convinced? Here are the 5 transformative benefits you will gain by taking your break now:
✔Increased Productivity: Studies have proven that our brains fall asleep if they are in constant stimulation for a long time. So taking a break will give energy and a new purpose to continue next year.
✔More Inspiration and Creativity: Something as simple as traveling, taking time out for family, or just taking time out to watch movies in the comfort of your own home can be enough inspiration for new insights and new gas to your creativity.
✔Stress Relief: A break from work is essential for your social and psychological health. In an intense year at the office, this will help you cool your head, thus avoiding hasty words and decisions. When you return next year, you will see tasks or situations that are certainly more positive.
✔Pain Reduction: Working hours a day sitting or standing is not healthy. We need to stretch the spine, change position and stretch, most days we do not pay attention to it, so the importance of the break at least once a year. In addition to decreasing muscle pain, this period will relax your tensions and increase your ability to concentrate.
✔Extreme Tiredness Reduction: Unlike cell phones that work well until their batteries die, people need to rest more often so that they don’t run out of energy.
Working 1 year without breaks is the shortest path to exhaustion, which will not be beneficial to your career or personal life.
Convinced of the importance of stopping work for a few days?
Your best path today begins with your rest.